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Fogo (desambiguação)
Property Value
Universal identifier (Visit page)

ns45:wikiPageDisambiguates (Visit page)
ns45:wikiPageWikiLink (Visit page) (Visit page)
ns45:wikiPageDisambiguates (Visit page)'-the-wisp (Visit page)
ns45:wikiPageWikiLink (Visit page) (Visit page)

Fogo (desambiguação) [pt]

ns45:wikiPageWikiLink,_Cape_Verde (Visit page)'-the-wisp (Visit page)
owl:sameAs http://dbpedia.org/resource/Fogo (Visit page)
ns45:wikiPageWikiLink (Visit page)
ns45:wikiPageDisambiguates (Visit page)
Subject (Visit page)
ns45:wikiPageWikiLink's_fire (Visit page)
ns45:wikiPageDisambiguates (Visit page) (Visit page)'s_fire (Visit page)
ns45:wikiPageWikiLink (Visit page) (Visit page)
ns45:wikiPageDisambiguates,_Cape_Verde (Visit page)
Property Value
Universal identifier

http://pt.dbpedia.org/resource/Fogo_(desambiguação) (Visit page)